October 21, 2011

Collaborative modeling, the new deal

 I already blogged about collaborative modeling but I would like to stand back from the previous post, which was very technical, and introduce the talk I will present with Martin and Benjamin at EclipseCon Europe.

Since several years now the Eclipse modeling platform provides useful tools which have help to democratize the use of modeling technologies. However those tools have raised issues linked to collaboration we start to better address.

To visualize and edit models in a graphical manner diagrams are often used. However  usually diagramming technologies do not scale well and this is problematic as the more the models and their complexity grow the more one wants to work in group.

When you model with other people, one of the difficulty is to understand reasons behind their choices and design. Document them is of course necessary but the main difficulty is to keep documentation accurate across refactorings and changes.

In fact, often the more the time flies by, the more we lost the intention, documentation being seen as a post-design step.

Collaborate means dealing with concurrent accesses. To enable them you have two strategies. One is to prevent conflicts either through models splitting or with locks. But models splitting is not well supported by tools and coarse-grained locks are not pratical.

The other strategy is to allows conflict happens and deals with them when they occurs. It looks like a dice game, and depending on the frequency, it could become hard to deal with conflicts.

Interested by the subject ? Come to the talk to discover what are the available technologies to address those concerns, and understand why collaboration matters in modeling.


  1. So sad I cannot attend this presentation. As the topic really interests me, could you please tell me whether it will be recorded, or if the slides will be made available somewhere ?

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  3. Slides will be made available after the talk.