February 10, 2010

GSoC 2010

Now that Google announced that they will sponsor this year again students to work on some cool open-source projects, I hope Eclipse foundation will be candidate again.

Mentoring organizations should candidate before March 12, but we could start now to collect ideas, they could be contributed on the wiki. GSoC is an incredible opportunity for eclipse community to see enhancements or new features added to your favorite projects, do not miss it !

If you are a student and don't know how to get involved, have a look to our new contribute page.

you will find more info on the GSoC 2010 flyer and important date on the timeline.

February 2, 2010

Sketch capabilities for your GEF based editor

As everyone, I suppose you have seen iPad videos, at least you heard about it :

iPad from stadycam on Vimeo.

I suppose you have complained about its closed platform, its single-task os, or may be its tendentious commercial name. However with such a device (a tablet), you think your GEF based editor could benefit from sketch capabilities ? Indeed that something Ugo Sangiorgi did :

OmniModeling on MoLIC Editor from Ugo Sangiorgi on Vimeo.

The good news is that it will probably be contributed to If you are interested, have a look to this new project proposal.