October 10, 2011

Acceleo 3.2

 To celebrate the historic victory of the french rugby team in the world cup quarter final, the Acceleo team is proud to announce its 3.2 release very soon.

Photo from NikRugby23

  • We tackled performance problems in compilation. Acceleo is now as fast as Vincent Clerc, and even if you totally don't know who he is, you will appreciate the better reactivity of the tool.  

  • We provide a new useful view to test Acceleo and OCL expressions on the fly, the Acceleo interpreter. You will find more details and example of usage of the interpreter in the Laurent's blog entry.

Screenshot of Acceleo Interpreter

Want to join the scrum  ? You could install a release candidate and give us feedback before the final release planned for October 24th.

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