March 9, 2012

Solar, a web experiment

As someone interested by tooling, I often think about how to reduce frictions between the developed applications and the development tools. In other words, how to reduce the context switching cost. For two weeks, I have started to work on a new experiment, named Solar, a play module to work on your play applications directly in your browser.

I have been largely inspired by Orion and Erwan module, but I had specific goals, that's why I did not reuse most of those projects code. Actually, I would like to focus on several concerns:
  • simplicity with neither code completion nor refactoring
  • quality with continuous testing and deployment integration 
  • collaboration with code review integration 
Currently, I have implemented the following features:

  • Navigation in the application files, with the ability to edit files and create new ones. 

  • Java files edition with syntax highlighting and live compilation during the edition.

  • Router configuration file edition with syntax highlighting. 

The editor is implemented in the canvas, and it is based on Guillaume's work.

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