November 9, 2011

Time for new challenges

4 years ago, I joined Obeo, a startup focused on model driven engineering. At that time, I just finished my google summer of code for Eclipse Foundation, and it was a nice opportunity to join a company involved in the eclipse community. Tomorrow, it will be my last day of that adventure, an adventure I have decided to leave for reasons I explain below.

Obeo has been using Eclipse as unusual propulsion system, we have benefited a lot from the eclipse platform and its modeling stack but we have tried to give back as much as we have received, creating a driving force.

The people I have worked with at Obeo are brilliant. I am not writing that for the blog post, I really think it. You probably already know some of them (Alex, Cedric, Fred, Goulwen, Laurent, Mikael, Stephane, William) involved in eclipse projects, I can tell you there are others doing awesome modeling stuffs. I will miss those guys.

The first reason of my departure is that I feel like working on other topics. Before joining Obeo, I worked on various subjects, not modeling related and sometimes even not software engineering related. I like that diversity and I believe in the transversality of knowledge as well as in the strength of experience.

The second one is the wish to take up new challenges. We took up several at the beginning of Obeo, in particular on the project I was working on, but, with the growth of the company, opportunities to work on disruptive innovations became less frequent.

I don't know yet how I will be involved in Eclipse in the future, so I would like to thank you Eclipse community, it has been a pleasure.


  1. Bonne chance dans tes nouvelles aventures, Mariot! J'espère te revoir à un EclipseCon dans le futur!

  2. All the Best for your future, Mariot! I hope to meet you again ;-)

  3. It has been also a pleasure Mariot !!!

    Good luck ! I hope to see you soon

  4. Good luck !

    An interesting challenge will find you...

  5. Felicitations et bonne chance! Mais au fait, tu vas ou?

  6. Good luck! Hope to see you again in the future.

  7. I'm sure you'll excel at whatever you do!

  8. Thank you all for the kind words.
    @Le ScaL I don't know yet, I am taking time to find interesting opportunities.