March 11, 2011

Graphical modeling @ EclipseCon 2011

If your read this blog entry, you probably already heard about EMF, but you may still wondering how modeling and all this meta stuffs could help you in your daily developer work.

If you are in this case, then you have to attend to the EMF tutorial for at the next EclipseCon. In the first part you will have time to discover the basics of EMF on a case sudy. In the second part you will have an overview of additional powerful technologies, such as EEF and GMF, 2 projects I will present related to being able to create and modify a model in a graphical manner.

EEF is a tool which enables one to generate sexy properties, but not only. It's a framework, which could be use to generate several kinds of user interface to edit your model.

It has been designed to be compatible with validation and transaction existing EMF components. Let's have a look to to see how you could easily generate an eclipse form editor in one click from your metamodel.

Even EEF if is a quite young project, it is already used in the industry and arouses interest with frequent questions on the newsgroup.

By the way EEF has been nominated and is finalist for the eclipse community award 2001 in the most innovative project category.

GMF is a project dedicated to the creation of diagram editors. It is split in 2 components, the runtime and the tooling.

The runtime connects GEF and EMF. It plugs your EMF model as the model in the GEF model-view-controler architecture and provides a diagram metamodel.

The tooling enables you to generate an editor based on the runtime.

The runtime has been designed for extensibility, you could extend it or redefine some parts very simply.

The tooling uses code templates, that you could extend to generate custom code. This enables you to keep your GMF models and the generated code always synchronized.

That's all for this EEF and GMF preview, if you want to know more, come to the tutorial !

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